One Shoe Off     Mozart to the Beastie Boys


2012 Studio to Studio
2010 TallTales
2008 Distant Places
2007 Wetlands 
2006 Changing Textures
2006 Recent Work (France Ireland)
2005 Espresso, Champagne & Lager)
2004 Paintbox Travels
2003 By the Water
2001 Italian Interlude
2000 Back in the Bush
1999 Riversleigh series

1999 Dock Series

Bayside Reflections   Spinafex Hill    
Village Stirs   Pass This Way - Venice    
Paris Wakes Rosa's New Pink Curtains
Quays Bar Dublin     White Lillies    
Loader Sketch   Monterey Wharf    
Haulpac Sketch   Tuscan Fields    
Dozer Sketch   White Washed Walls    
Last Bus Leaving   Tuscan Hills    
Taxi   Venice    
Harbour fringe   Santorini Blue    
Grand Canal   Wandering the Shoreline    
Twilight Sailors   Damp Mist Rising    
Waterside Balcony   Above Mosman Bay    
Fields of Provonce   Forest Floor    
Fishermen Wait - Pellistrina   Terracotta and Stone    
Lavender Bay   Corner Store    





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