(If this image is too small, set up a hat in front of 
      you with a definite single light source)




Our subject this time is an old akubra hat. Using a limited palette again, this time we will concentrate on extracting more than just a likeness from the subject.

Burnt Sienna
Quinacridone Gold (W&N)
Brown Pastel pencil
White Gouache
1" Flat Brush
#2 Liner Brush


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  The first step is to sketch the hat, paying attention to positioning it on the paper and indicating the correct proportions. Because of the battered nature of this old hat, I have kept the drawing fairly rough and sketchy. Remember, don't worry about accurate details, but concentrate on accurate proportions.

(Brown Pastel pencil)

  The first pale wash I applied was a mixture of Quinacridone Gold and Burnt Sienna, eased off slightly with a tiny bit of Indigo. This was flooded over most of the hat. While still damp, a stronger mix (this time with a little more Burnt Sienna and Indigo) was worked quickly into the shadows

(1" Flat brush)

  After allowing the painting to dry, a darker mix of the three colours (this time with a little more indigo) was worked into the shadow and washed thinly over the front of the brim. Extending the tonal range in this way allows for a dark background to be used without the hat becoming too flat and insipid.

(1" Flat brush )

  A wet background mixed from the three colours was cut in carefully around the hat. Placing the darkest area behind the highlight gives the painting maximum impact. The hard line on the left hand side of the hat was softened slightly, tying the hat to the background.

(1" Flat brush )

  The final step was to put some detail into the hat with a liner brush. The background was given a little more life by splashing in some white gouache on the right and a little burnt sienna underneath. The left hand side of the hat was softened further and a small amount of shadow put into the right hand side to ease the hard line.

(1" Flat brush and #2 liner)

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     john lovett 1999

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