Hi John,

I would like to suggest a lesson that seems to be missing in all of your materials (so far as I have read). Perhaps it is so basic in your mind, you feel it's not worth the time to demonstrate?

A lesson on the physical act of mixing paints would be very helpful (and I suspect an important component of overall technique). Do you actually blend the pure colors before adding water ... or do you squeeze out small amounts of color next to one another on a pallet, then pull the amount of color you want toward a common area with a brush? Is the brush itself wet or dry when you are blending colors .... or, do you blend the colors with a tool other than a brush? Are their in fact many ways of mixing complex colors? etc., etc., etc.

This is part of a letter I received from a student just starting to paint with watercolor. It is easy to overlook such basic, fundamental skills, so this month we will focus on expanding on the process and subtlety of mixing colors and applying them to your paper

...This article on mixing watercolor has been expanded and moved to john lovett watercolor workshop



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