John Lovett

Thurs 18th Nov. - 5th Dec. 2004
McGrath's Art Gallery  
240 Miller St,  NORTH SYDNEY, 
Ph. 02 99556589

From the stark powerful landscapes of Northern Australia to the soft atmospheric images of Tuscany and the Veneto, John Lovett's paintings are inspired by his observation of and reaction to a wide variety of locations.
Travels with my paint box is a combination of smaller spontaneous works done on location and a series of larger paintings based on sketches, notes and ideas collected from various places.
The smaller works are a vibrant mixture of watercolour, pastel, ink and gouache. They are full of life and vitality, capturing the essence and atmosphere of the subject.

The larger works include oils, acrylics and mixed media. They have the loose, spontaneous character of the smaller works but are built up into rich, layered textures, balanced with broad, understated washes and areas of subtle suggestion.

This exhibition offers an insight into the artistís process of observation and interpretation. The product is a refinement of emotion and atmosphere evoked by the subject.

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